Jaycee news from Jan-Mar 99

January 26 - Building our Prospect list of names. 7:30 PM at KP's 28 - Meeting at the American legion 7:30PM Basement meeting area. 31 - Super Bowl Event call 845-0723 February 6-7 State JC Bowling, Oakes,Need 3 more bowlers call John (0366) 11 - Meeting at the American Legion 7:30PM, Basement area. 12 - Possible Appreciation Breakfast. Note: Mark Brandvold needs us to help out with this project. We can do this project because we have the VFW kitchen (if we confirm this date with the VFW) to make the Sausages & Pancakes. We have served Orange juice and coffee. Mark is an excellent Pancake turner/Flipper. We should almost charge admission tickets to see him work the grill. We need helpers to do the following: 1) Get the groceries need to serve Pancakes, Sausages for about 100 community Sponsors to the VC Jaycees. 2) Dishwasher that can run the VFW's Washer machine. 3) Servers - Refill coffee or Juice. 4) We need 3 people to get up at 5:AM to get setup at the VFW and start making the orange juice and cooking the Sausage. 5) We need 3 more people to get there by 6:AM so we can be ready at 6:45-7 to start serving. 6) We need at least 1 smiling face to say Thank you to the people we serve. 13 - Visitation to Mandan's Cheap wine and Build Your own Pizza? 15 - Blue chip first submission - call John at 845-0366 25 - Meeting at the American Legion at 7:30 Pm. Basement area March 11 - The meeting of the century-Speak up projects may occur! 13 - Kid care picture id's. Help out at the Winter show booth: The kid care project is being sponsored by State Farm. All we need to do is run the camera and the thing that applies the plastic to the picture and card thingie. Come at 9:AM and we can split up some shifts to go to 4:pm. Call Mark & Sandy Brandvold at 845-3505. 14 - Kid care picture id's Noon-4:pm. 25 - The Stress Reliever project at the Meeting might occur! Note: I would like to thank Elsa Plecity for all her hard work over the years. Elsa did a Speak up project at the Jan 14th meeting. Her topic was: Squirrel and Rice. The Recipe was in a cook book for wild game. Thank you Elsa, you did an excellent Job. Made us all wonder what Squirrel and Rice would be like. Shooters ED: We need to find a member to run this project! Call John (0366). The more safty rules kis 8-14 get, the safer hunting will be in the future. Shooters ed has two parts. Classroom instruction and the shooting at targets. We need to do this project. State Shooters ed is in April. Our team needs to be selected by March.

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